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Dec 2022

28th -

Every Time My Heart Breaks will be here.

Nov 2022

8th -

Never Gonna Happen will be here.

Oct 2022

12th -

The French translation of Be My Hero(Le prix du secret: Forbidden Men, T3) will be here.

July 2022

19th -

Black Crimson is available in audiobook!

June 2022

28th -

Be My Hero is available in audiobook!

21st -

To Professor, With Love is available in audiobook!

10th -

All My Love is available in ebook and print!

May 2022

24th -

B & E Ever After is available in audiobook!

17th -

Trust in Love is available in audiobook!

3rd -

One True Love is available in audiobook!


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Every Time My Heart Breaks

December 2022
Two more descendants from the Forbidden Men clan are hooking up in this opposirte-of-forbidden story!

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